Experience Ibiza Feeling Silver



Experience Ibiza Feeling Silver package
It includes 1 professional DJ, Pioneer Professional Players and Banner, Flyers.



  • What is this Experience Ibiza Feeling Silver?
  • Well,this event is created by Riverless Org Team and it`s created in that way that can give you and your guests and incredible time and entertainment for you, your venue,private party or even one big festival.
  • What this event can offer to my venue,private party or even one big festival?
  • With the best possible quality,we will try to achieve the highest standards goals for you,because we care about you.We  describe bellow what we can offer.
  • What this event can create for my guests or to my clients?
  • Well, because all people they see their entertainment in a different way,we will try to cover all possible needs with our best high quality services.
  • Very nice,now tell us about what you can offer to us if we book your Luxury Event (Elegant package)
  • This that we can offer is to try to create one amazing atmosphere to  your venue,private party or even one big festival,with our professional team that we cooperate we will serve you as you are the one for us.
  • Can you be more specific please?
  • Of course,we can offer you two professional DJ`s, Sponsors Giveaways, Professional Pioneer players ,Professional Singer,beautiful hostess and one photographer if need it.
  • Sounds very good,and now the very best question for you How much will cost us?
  • Well this it depends from what you want for your party.
  • Our prices starts from 199€ minimum and it raises with your expectations and extra services.
  • For more information we will make a meeting and we will explain everything.
  • So are you ready for this elegant experience?
  • If your answer is YES! You can proceed with care to place an order.
  • We will like to thank you for your time reading this information and we are thankful.
  • Best Regards Riverless Org


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