Production(Complete Song)




Can you please explain what do you mean with complete song?

We mean that when you have place an order that you will need a new complete song we will contact you as soon as possible for further information.

OK good,and what can you offer?

When we write one complete song we mean,Professional recording session in our beautiful studio located in North Greece plus vacation with a few extra cost,Recording Vocals,Arange,Mixing and Mastering.

Conversion in formats such as WAV,AIFF (16 bit or 24 bit) and Mp3 (320 kbps).

How long can it takes for you to create a complete song?

Well this it depends how well is organised all the process and how well our cooperate partners will proceed.Usually takes from 2 weeks to 4 weeks,but it can take longer depends on the circumstances.

What happen when i Place an order?

We will contact you as soon ass possible to book one meeting if is possible in a place or in our office otherwise with E-Video conversation.

So what happen next can Riverless Org release the Song or project?

If you wish that we can do it.We are releasing music in well known streaming services such as Itunes,Spotify,Google Music,Apple Music,beatport,deezer and Shazam and much more.


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