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Your Dream House

Buying a house in Greece sounds like an extreme project for many, but it’s not.
Those who want their own house in a quiet and nice area with warm weather about 9 months a  year, nice people, with traditional presentations, good food and much more.
Greece is the country we offer for you and your family.
Here we can describe common questions how to buy an apartment,villa or why not a land so you can build your own dream house?.

Reservation fees?
Normally the deposit is 10% of the purchase price.
Once you have decided to buy a house in Greece we sign a contract that you are 100% sure and safe for you to buy.
It will help you at the first to feel  safe and after us so we can make a secure purchase.
A viewing trip from Sweden to Greece costs some money.
We at Riverless Fast can help you and offer views, transfers to and from the airport in Sweden and Greece, accommodation on request with little extra costs.

AFM number?
When you enter your residence and sign the lawyer, you must have a tax identification number, an AFM number. We will assist you in applying for AFM.

Operating expenses?
The operating costs for your home in Greece depend, of course, on the type of accommodation you have purchased
A 2-bedroom apartment costs from  350 € to 550 €/month (3500 sek – 5500 sek/månad).
The cost includes Electricity – and water,home insurance and property tax.
We at Riverless Org  can help you open a bank account in a Greek bank for payments of operating costs.

How about paying property tax in Sweden or other country or in Greece?
You do not pay any tax in Sweden or other country  if you buy a house in Greece but in Greece you pay a municipal property tax that is based on the valuation value.
It is between 0.5-1.2% this depends on how big is the house or if you have a pool.
There may also be a state property tax of about 0.25-0.5% which also assumes the value of the property’s valuation
The agency we are cooperate  in Greece also has an accountant, we at riverless firmly take care of all legal.

(Legal fees apply – Tax, Notary and Attorney)
Information regarding the price of the accommodation
please note that the price quoted is converted from the original currency of the property to the Swedish Crowns (SEK). This may cause minor variations due to the exchange rate changing over time.
Welcome for viewing
Contact the broker for more information.

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