Female Artists



Together with our artists can achieve the highest point of their carriers

with our creativity and a beautifully designed plan, we create a possible shiny star in the music industry.

A company originate in Stockholm Sweden and Thessaloniki Greece.

Since 2008  like every new start company in such a big world, we are committed to new artists and entrepreneurship.

We are engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising.

We take care our artists as much as we can.

Our Vision is to try to help and inspire new artists to achieve their dream.

We try to solve this problem because everyone needs one opportunity in this life.

When we  are think, that one artist is ready for the big stages we are working together to achieve that.

We believe and know that music is a way of life and it helps people in every kind of difficult times and good as well.

We are working with our employees and our artists to deliver the best music as possible to the world.

Together  lets build a big family, because for us family and people is most important.

Riverless Organization


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