Our History

Evening in 2008

Cold winter, Tumba, Sweden the founder of Riverless Organization Komninos. K while he was working on his current work, he was listening the audiobook from Napoleon Hill “Think and grow rich” suddenly stopped and he took one decision that will change his life forever.
In approximately 10 seconds he had created a vision and he saw himself after 10 years.
That was the turning point of his life.
Riverless Organization legacy just begun.
The all project started as a hobby.
The founder with burning desire, discipline and persistence he could manage family, work and the organization.

After a three years of success the Organization team decides to expand to a new kind of business in the world of Beauty 
With the creation of our new department Riverless Beauty in the start and now RosekCosmetics we have opened one beauty salon in Stockholm Sweden with great success.
The purpose was to have our partners satisfied about their look in some kind of projects like music videos, live events interviews and lots more.

That wasn’t enough, though from the founder and he wants to create a new department about transportation and travel agency.
The vision is our partners to enjoy the happiness of the combination of their work and pleasure.
We have accomplished that to build a new Studio in Northern Greece in Kallikratia Chalkidikis (20 minutes from Thessaloniki)
And again, his ideas never stop so our team saw that we can create a new department of Real Estate so we can sell or rent houses apartments, villas and lots more so our artist can visit Greece whenever they want and of course to combine work with pleasure.

We keep going and we try to expand our company in other EU countries, but our big Goal is to expand overseas in Canada and USA.

That’s why our slogan is
“The way to success”

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